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Collect more profit with our three-level affiliate program

Earning profit has different ways. Sure increasing your total deposit is the simplest way. But there is also another way that can significantly increase the amount of your income. Our three-level affiliate program is a convenient way to receive more profits.



Standard Commission

Our standard members are the ones who introduce us to their friends and family and add more investors to our team. They will receive up to 5% of the investment of their first added investor. When their referral investor adds a new investor, the standard member gets 2% of the investment of the newly added member by their referral investor. Should the referral of the referral add a new member, the original member receives 1% of their investment as well.



Representative Commission

A representative member is a person who refers us to the people who hold large audiences. They could be social media influencers or a notable person in society, if they refer us to those certain types of people, their percentage, instead of 5%, starts with 10%. But the rest of the program goes on the same as the standard members.

Become a Representative

In our program

You can copy our referral link and share it on social media, email it to a friend or just give it to someone you know to use. Once they join this team and start investing, you will receive more profit.

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